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Resumé and History

David J Pfeffer is a 2nd generation Show owner in the Outdoor Amusement Business and has over 40 years experience. He is a proud member of the Pa State Showmen’s Assoc. where he is a Past Director and Past President; 2010/2011. David helps spearhead the Farm Show program raising “Dollars for Scholars” through an annual volunteer program manning a Carousel during the Farm Show. David is also a Certified Ride Safety Inspector registered with the PA Department of Agriculture, and has been a ride inspector since the inception of the Ride safety laws in the state of Pennsylvania. He is a CDL Driver and Certified welder. He is also a proud member of the nationally known organization; Outdoor Amusement Business Association.

Sue I Pfeffer has over 35 years of experience and is also a 2nd generation Show owner in the Outdoor Amusement Business. She is an active Director and membership chairman of the Pa State Showmen’s Assoc. She also holds a Safe Serve Certification through the Pa State Board of Health.

David and Sue met through the outdoor amusement business and decide to form a partnership and Tons of Fun Shows along with their growing family. They began Tons of Fun Shows in 1991 with their children always present.

Benjamin J Pfeffer plays a major roll in the expansion of the company and is a 3rd generation Show owner in the outdoor amusement business. Benjamin is a Certified Ride Safety Inspector, a certified Millwright, holds a Safe Serve Certification and has a PA CDL license. Besides his certifications he also has a love for the outdoor amusement industry that can be seen in his new ideas, social media, and dedication to hard work.

Our oldest daughter Francine works with the company on a part-time basis while our youngest daughter, Ferris works with other amusements companies year round traveling the Eastern Seaboard.

While we believed, when forming Tons of Fun Shows, we could change some of the old traditional way to operate a local carnival thru advertising, hiring employees, and staying within a 60-70 mile radius of our home base, we do not live on location. With that same enthusiasm so does our son, Benjamin. The addition of a new kiddieland in 2010, adding a super spectacular ride called the Rock-n-Roll in 2012 and using social Medias, such as Face book has kept our company on the cutting edge.

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